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Shandong Mingyu heavy industry machinery co.,ltd.Shandong Zhuogong Machinery  equipment Co.,Ltd.Laizhou Zhuo Kun Import And Export Trading Co.,Ltd.(MYZG) was founded in 1996.  Since then, MYZG has stood at the forefront of the Chinese small heavy machinery industry and developed into one of the most influential, and the most competitive enterprise groups with the complete product varieties and series

Every machine produced by Mingyu has to undergo several rigorous tests, and it can be finally delivered to customers only after all tests are completed and qualified.

As the leader in China's small heavy machinery industry,

MingYu has 12 modern production workshops, and more than 200 large and medium-sized advanced level equipment,  which can make  an annual production capacity of 80,000 units per workshop  .It only takes ten minutes to complete the painting operation of all parts of a whole machine.

In order to build an industry digital factory ,We have advanced scientific research test facilities and  intelligent inspection system.

the service life of our parts is more than 15-45 times that of other ordinary products  since we have the world's most advanced shaft sleeve product processing equipment and  quality control system

In terms of production management, we have professional training and learning and modern management mode,every worker and manager masters the most popular manufacturing and management concepts. The whole production process is controlled by ERP system,from the smallest stainless steel part, to the patented diamond shaft,the most advanced anti-corrosion technology.
MYZG machines are exported  to  more than 130 countries.  We use brand engine,t, such as Quanchai,Yunnei,Yuchai,Deutz,Huadong, Huafeng, Cummins, Changchai, Xinchai,Kubota,Yanmar etc.   the spare parts are easy to get

MYZG has built a good reputation for perfect after-sales service ,high-quality product and competitive price


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